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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Robert John wrote:
So, without overtly activating the tendons, keep the contradictory push/pull tug going at each part in the body?
When you say the muscles are relaxed, how relaxed are they?
In my case, they have a slight tension in them more due to the fact that I'm trying to keep that "push/pull" sensation going on in each joint of the body (that's put extremely simply though).

If you alternate the training so that you use the tension generated by relaxation and intent directed inward (pulling into yourself) to "hardcode" the groundpaths (done through say like, a shoulder wide horse stance),
while using softtraining in which you use the same groundpaths but more naturally and almost zero muscular tension (while maintaining) will it still impede the higher levels that you were talking about?
I've been listening to what you've said about Akuzawa's training methods and so far I sense that it is mainly a variation of known approaches, but it is, as I've suggested offline, more of a Shaolin variation (who cares, if it works?... Shaolin was the basis for the Way of the Chinese Hand arts). It has to do with the breathing things we talked about offline. You do your kokyu FAQ to share with others and I'll send you a PM on the other... I simply don't want to suggest anything that might conflict with what your teacher is obviously teaching quite well.


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