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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Matthew Gano wrote:
So it sounds like ki isn't a thing, but an idea about things. Can you give me an example that distinguishes what you mean by "attributes" as opposed to "relatipnships" and "abilities"? Or are these terms overlapping and somewhat redundant?
It gets tricky and puts you into the world of "holistic" or "gestalt" almost. For instance the mind control of force origins and vectors is actually used, but not developed to a high skill, in normal motion. The fact that these "paths" can be markedly strengthened by seemingly unrelated fascia development (and shifting the normal myofascial coordinations) and they both assist each other gives a "relationship" that you can't ignore. It is this conjunction of skills and body attributes (with the mind controlling the relationship) that forms the framework for the ki/qi. There is a specific area of this relationship and body development that is focusedly referred to as the ki/qi, but it would take a lengthy and probably wasted explanation to try and point it out.


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