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Re: Uchi Deshi?

Tim Schmelter wrote:
If full a uchi deshi program is not feasible, I know of at least one dojo to offer a "soto deshi" program. (As I understand it, "soto" == "outside" vs. "uchi" == "inside"). Others may as well.

So now, for my own curiosity, does anyone have any experience with a soto deshi program, and how it compares to uchi deshi?

I've heard of these... some dojos even seem to call these outside student programmes "uchi deshi" so the distinction may be lost on some. I've also seen uchi deshi refer to residential seminars.

The main point is I want to get away from the western lifestyle thing and can't think of a better way, at the moment, than immersing myself in a different culture and tradition. I've never seen the point of small holidays and the tourist "experience" and have always sought to immerse myself in local culture wherever I go... the next logical extension of that seems to be uchi deshi.

Thanks for the suggestions, Mark, and I look forward to January. The six nights a week training would be cool to be sure... I looked up the Cambs dojos and assuming travel I could put together four or five nights (I left the exact times at work... oops!) but not all are suitable or within travelling distance. The cost is also prohibitive as, unfortunately, I don't drive at the moment (though I've got inquiries in the pipe-line to resolve that).

I have to admit... I'm particularly fascinated by the Iwama Ryu dojo in Cambridge. I have family now living in both Cambridge and Peterborough and may be able to arrange visits...



Edit: Missed your post Lorien, sorry! The responses I've had from people that have done it have been almost uniformly positive and that's encouraging... it seems that on the whole only responsible and good dojos seem to run such programmes, so another "aye" is always good to hear.

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