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Re: help on drawing and sheath the sword

Van, there are seminars that happen throughout the year every year around the country and world that's open to the public to learn authentic Japanese swordsmanship. Since there is no dojo of Iai or Kenjutsu near you, a very good option is attend one of these seminars. Save money for the seminar and travel (plane/bus) and living expenses and attend one of these.

You're in luck with a very affordable seminar on a fine Japanese sword art called Suio Ryu in Encinitas, California for $100.00 from January 14-16, 2006.

You'll find announcements on seminars on different Japanese sword arts on these forums:

Sometimes a few seminars of different Japanese sword arts in different locations are happening around the sametime. Sometimes you'll see one seminar only.

If you find you can fly to Spain in April of 2006, here's another great seminar on Shindo Yoshin Ryu.

Learn from a live professional. Not from books, pictures or videos. Books/videos are used as references by those who are recieving live instruction under a legitimate sensei. Books are not meant for teaching from ground zero.

Someone once said to me, nothing in the Japanese sword arts is cheap and convienant.

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