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Re: Poll: How often does your aikido instructor discuss the philosophy of aikido during class?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Well, I think people should understand that there are schools of aikido that focus on the actual 'on the mat' training, and not so much philosophy. While some might prefer the more shinto based approach, others might like a zen approach, and yet others focus strongly on Omoto Kyo. I think its all good, depending on what an individual prefers and is seeking.

I believe Xu Wenfung trains in a Yoshinkan dojo. This school of aikido was founded with Ueshiba Sensei's approval and support, by Gozo Shioda, one of the founder's most famous (and long term) students. The dojo in that 'style' of aikido tend to eschew any discussion on the mat of philosophy, or religion. I believe that it is for a few reasons:...<snip>..
Thanks Ron. You have actually said what i intended to say. It is just the culture of the school that I attend. There is the philosophical aspect of aikido and I am sure sensei is very much aware of it. It is just that, the martial aspect and physical aspect of aikido is in itself so big that where one is too seriously study it, it would take up most of the mat time. (Remember, most of us are not uchi deshi and we train only for couple of hours three times a week). And like many of you all would agree, talking about philosophy is best done over beer.... Kampai!

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