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Re: Kokyu explanation

Well, can we describe what Ki can do, in the various usages of the term?
Is ki a thing or an idea about things? What I take as being at least part of this issue is whether or not ki exists as an objective thing, but I may well be injecting my own questions into the complicated conversation you've been having.

you don't need vague mystical terms in these discussions, IMO
I think what I'm trying to get around is the idea that there is one set of language that can be used to describe these apparently difficult "things." If one can describe and quantify something using its resultant behaviors, then how is that much different than describing kokyu or ki by describing the sensational effect, particularly given people share similar sensations? Plato used alegory to describe knowledge and it was successfull in articulating it to me. This was basically a myth he created and in this sense, while mystical/mythical language may or may not be "needed", when it is used, it's not in itself inferior to objective language, which you seemed to be saying.

On the other hand, would you concede that people wanting to pretend they understand ki, kokyu, etc., might often resort to vague terms?
No argument there, though I'd add that anyone wanting to pretend such a thing would certainly be malicious. I think in most cases erroneous knowledge would be in the form of an honest assumption. It's easy for people to see they know something and then assume that knowledge is itself very large. It's the relative nature of perception.

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