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Tongue Re: Kokyu explanation

Matthew Gano wrote:
You seem to be saying one can articulate these things (like disease can be) in scientific/objective terms. I'm asking you to do so.

I get the feeling that to search through these archives would take more time than I have available to me...and I have a lot of time available to me during the day-time. I'm looking for a succinct description, a trademark of scientific language which I am sorely lacking, but which, if I'm understanding correctly, you seem to be saying you have.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Mike just defined it pretty much as such? (Despite his comment on searching the archives for his past articles)

Mike Sigman wrote:
A more accurate definition from the choices available would have been a translation implying that "jin" is a trained-force-skill with perhaps a hint of "force vector" in it.
I'll go on to say that the trained force skill he refers to is still a manifestation of using our muscles/tendons/bone structure in a more refined way. (It's trained in a different way than we normally associate with power)

Mike Sigman wrote:
Because the connective-tissue can be trained by manipulating the breath and pressures/tensions in the body and because this enhanced conditioning also adds greatly to your strength, it naturally enhances your "jin" power.
Isn't this pretty much what you were looking for?
Granted its not the most precise definition, but it's grounded in human physiology, and not unexplainable terms.

The more esoteric defitions you refer to I think, come as a result of a "flip" in thinking that occurs when you train your body this way.
But even that I think, is still more or less a concrete "feel".
People can be extremely creative when it comes to describing things though

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