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Re: Kokyu explanation

I damned if I do and damned if I don't on this one... either I take the time to write it out or I go search the archives for things I know that I've already written!
Well, I for one appreciate your time, effort, and self-imposed damnation.
However, that word "energy" was decided upon by a number of earlier translators, none of whom had any real martial skills, and it turns out to have been seriously misleading.
Good to jin is not a form of energy (except "perhaps" kinetic or potential)?
A more accurate definition from the choices available would have been a translation implying that "jin" is a trained-force-skill with perhaps a hint of "force vector" in it.
So jin is a term reflecting willful coordination of deep-muscle tissues? Not sure I understand your phrase "...with a hint of 'force vector' in it," though. You mean jin is the coordinating ability, but also maybe including the resultant movement, or intended direction of movement, itself?
From all this it seems jin is a non-entity..not a thing, but an organizational relationship...a quality of an existing thing (the human body), much like color or shape, but of course, much much more complicated. Is this a valid desription?

So what is qi/ki? Are they able to be described objectively?
Take care, and thanks again,

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