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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Matthew Gano wrote:
To answer your question though: no I don't think spiritual qualities can be described in a substantive way, thus to ask for such a thing regarding "ki" "kokyu" etc. is misguided. My implied point is that you seem to be asking for something which is impossible. I view the imprecise language you seem to be criticizing as the only honest way of attempting to describe these things, such as Ki, which, per my understanding, are by nature mystical things and can only be understood by practicing them.
Well, can we describe what Ki can do, in the various usages of the term? In the body sense, such as resistance to blows, increased strength, increased health, resistance to puncture wounds, increased "magnetic feeling", etc., yes, we can. If we know what the characteristics of the particular thing we're calling "ki" are, then we can describe and quantify it. I.e., you don't need vague mystical terms in these discussions, IMO. On the other hand, would you concede that people wanting to pretend they understand ki, kokyu, etc., might often resort to vague terms? I think so. Would people who also really know how to do them, hide that knowledge with obscure terminology? I think so.


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