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Re: Kokyu explanation

Without intentionally being cute, Matt, why don't you first tell me what "spiritual qualities" means, in a substantive way. Can you define them?
I'm sorry, but "cute" is an intention I cannot help but maintain. I mean no disrespect though.
"...a spiritual connotation about some of these "trinkets and baubles" because they were couched in spiritual terms, in those olden days. Let me remind you that common illnesses were also couched in spiritual terms in olden days and that they can now be discussed pretty accurately using "engineering terms", "

me:"So are you arguing that kokyu, etc. aren't spiritual qualities? How do you describe spiritual qualities in scientific/engineering terms?"

I was responding to your use of terms and asking you to clarify what you mean. I already understand my own sense of things, I'm trying to understand yours. To answer your question though: no I don't think spiritual qualities can be described in a substantive way, thus to ask for such a thing regarding "ki" "kokyu" etc. is misguided. My implied point is that you seem to be asking for something which is impossible. I view the imprecise language you seem to be criticizing as the only honest way of attempting to describe these things, such as Ki, which, per my understanding, are by nature mystical things and can only be understood by practicing them. The imprecise/subjective language is a systematic vehicle for generating creative thought. You seem to be saying one can articulate these things (like disease can be) in scientific/objective terms. I'm asking you to do so.

I've tried to leave reasonable accurate descriptions and how-to's on a lot of these things during *this* tenure on AikiWeb. You'd have to do a search, if you're interested
I get the feeling that to search through these archives would take more time than I have available to me...and I have a lot of time available to me during the day-time. I'm looking for a succinct description, a trademark of scientific language which I am sorely lacking, but which, if I'm understanding correctly, you seem to be saying you have.

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