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Re: Two teachers...


If you have the opportunity to train in NY with Yamada Sensei and another Aikikai school in CT, then do it. I would let Yamada Sensei know, as well as the head sensei in the other dojo. It isn't asking permission, but letting them know is respectful.

You'll find that both Yamada Sensei and the head sensei of the other dojo very agreeable to your training at both. If you want to gain rank, then you should ask them which school they think you should do that at, and how you should track your training hours. It will probably be at whatever one you train at most.
Remember, Yamada Sensei is the USAF chairman, so he already knows the head sensei at that school in CT.

Even if it wasn't affiliated, I know he would probably encourage you to train elsewhere if you wanted.



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