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Re: Two teachers...

I don't see why you have to tell/ask permission to study at another dojo. If you want to study some place else then go ahead. My dojo lost a student for he was studying in Ninpo as well. The other Sensei said that he couldn't learn Ninpo and Aikido at the same time for they were too similar plus he didn't hold Aikido in high regard. What if you want to train more? The days your dojo is closed, the other dojo is open. I currently learn Aikikai, but in my mind and heart, I don't do Aikikai for I still have some mannerisms and techniques from another style that I learned many years ago. Plus, I have my books, dvds, internet, and tapes. Are you now not supposed to purchase or view any Aikido that is not performed by your Sensei? Are not supposed to attend seminars now as well?
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