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Re: Reactions from strangers/happiness

So again, fresh out of class yesterday, and walking to the elevators at work, someone I don't know walks by and smiles and says "Why are you so happy?"
Aikido just makes me feel GREAT, physically and emotionally, and the sheer "Tigger-bouncy happiness" (someone else used that app. term in another thread and it is really perfect) it brings about must be slightly contagious - or at least it is very visible. Is that how aikido is supposed to affect the world at large????
I, too, practice fierce responses to imaginary attacks in the office kitchen, and someone always seems to walk in on me. Peculiarly, our long hallways always seem like an invitation to roll, which I mostly can withstand except on the occasional casual Friday. However, I have my 4th kyu certificate on my cube wall as the first thing people see, so I think most know what I am doing and that they are in no danger...
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