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Smile Re: Aikido on Discovery Channel

Originally posted by AskanisoN
The Discovery Channel recently aired an episode of On The Inside named "Martial Arts: Way of the Warrior". (I) would like to comment on the Aikido portion (or any other part) of the program.
(Another segment) was on Juko Kai "Combat Ki". It appeared to be very sensationalized and dangerous, So, is this stuff for real or what?
KAMI : The teacher in the Aikido segment was KENSHO FURUYA Sensei. He's a very good teacher, even if I don't like his "girth" very much...
"Dr.", "Prof.", "Soke", Rod Sacharnoski, of JukoKai, is a man of many places and many sites. He has called himself by many names and his story is extremely shady and dubious.
There's a lot of information on those sites :

also here,


and finally here (there are many other sites but perhaps those will suffice...),

He has quite a story, the Good Doctor does...

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