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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Matthew Gano wrote:
So are you arguing that kokyu, etc. aren't spiritual qualities? How do you describe spiritual qualities in scientific/engineering terms?
Without intentionally being cute, Matt, why don't you first tell me what "spiritual qualities" means, in a substantive way. Can you define them? If they're definable......
This seems a good place for me to ask you, since you seem to display an understanding, to do exactly this. I don't speak Chinese. Can you offer a substantive description of "chi," "jin," and "dantien?" And since this is an Aikido forum, what terms do they fall under that are Japanese?
I've tried to leave reasonable accurate descriptions and how-to's on a lot of these things during *this* tenure on AikiWeb. You'd have to do a search, if you're interested.


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