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Re: Kokyu explanation

Why not Taoist Immortality? Or other esoteric ideals?
Can you point me to a place which can scientifically/objectively define "jin"? I have no idea what that term means or if I know what it is by another name.

...a spiritual connotation about some of these "trinkets and baubles" because they were couched in spiritual terms, in those olden days. Let me remind you that common illnesses were also couched in spiritual terms in olden days and that they can now be discussed pretty accurately using "engineering terms",
So are you arguing that kokyu, etc. aren't spiritual qualities? How do you describe spiritual qualities in scientific/engineering terms?

That's precisely the point I've been trying to make, Fred. This "take my word for it that such-and-such works or feel good" needs to be laid aside in favor of someone laying out some demonstrable facts.
How on earth can we do that online?

In other words, I'm encouraging you to offer substantive explanations in place of poetry
This seems a good place for me to ask you, since you seem to display an understanding, to do exactly this. I don't speak Chinese. Can you offer a substantive description of "chi," "jin," and "dantien?" And since this is an Aikido forum, what terms do they fall under that are Japanese?
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