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Re: Kokyu explanation

Well, again we're sort of back to vagaries. What other benefits? I know some other benefits, but I can functionally relate them back as usual to the functional core, even though they may sound unrelated to the casual listener.
I don't follow you. To me it sounds like you're being vague here. If the casual listener hears something which seems unrelated when it in fact is related, that is by definition, a vague statement:"Not clearly expressed; inexplicit." I am inclined to think I'm missing the seems to me he was merely referencing a school of thought about ki/kokyu while suggesting people study directly with them instead of speaking for them.

Insofar as Ueshiba not teaching parts of his own art because he was keeping his vows, makes you wonder why he even bothered, doesn't it?
Are you asking why Ueshiba Sensei didn't just turn people away who wouldn't learn the "higher" aspects of his art (or were somehow unbefitting as students of this part)? I may be delusional, but it seems to make perfect sense to me. If I indeed understand your meaning: why wouldn't you teach someone one valuable lesson they can or should have, just because of another they can't or shouldn't have? Seems character is built upon many small facets of knowledge, and as such, every lesson learned brings us closer to those "higher" lessons you seem to be hinting at as the "better" way of understanding ki/jin/kokyu/etc.
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