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Re: Kokyu explanation

Mike Sigman wrote:
Well, again we're sort of back to vagaries. What other benefits? I know some other benefits, but I can functionally relate them back as usual to the functional core, even though they may sound unrelated to the casual listener.

Insofar as Ueshiba not teaching parts of his own art because he was keeping his vows, makes you wonder why he even bothered, doesn't it?



Keep your eye on the prize: Sokushin Jobutsu.

The rest, up to and included full mastery of "jin" or "kokyu" are mere trinkets and baubles, however functionally related to the mundane core which is your primary object of interest.

But there's no need to take my word for anything. Instruction can be found, the practice can be done, you find it beneficial or you don't.

Ueshiba talked to his students at great length about many of the vaprous and esoteric aspects of his understanding. Most of them were too dense, or sleepy, or hungover, or dogmatically modern, or just plain disinterested in anything beyond simple jujutsu to open their ears, to ask the right questions, or to follow the pointers he gave them. So it goes.

If nothing else, he kept a bunch of badass young thugs off the street and in the dojo where they could beat on each other instead of innocent folks who got in their way, convinced them there was a path other than simple thuggery, and that alone is more than most people do in one life.

You're talking about structural engineering. I'm talking about architecture. I see the first as necessary for the second to be functional, but not enough to make it touch not only the sky, but truth and beauty.

But truth and beauty can be intoxicating delusions, which is why a structural engineer is always required to sign and seal the final plans.

Love ya, babe....
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