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Re: Kokyu explanation

Fred Little wrote:
One way to engage with some of the other levels is to find a qualified instructor in Gachirinkan meditation, which is among the most openly taught practices of Shingon Buddhism and is also found in the Tendai tradition.. This practice was almost certainly part of the Founder's early Shingon education, since there is documentary evidence of his initiation into "higher" teachings for which it is a prerequisite. It was also on the somewhat eclectic menu of practices that were part of Oomoto-kyo. Among the buildings destroyed in the Second Oomoto Incident was the Gekkyu-den, which seems to have been a site of Gachirinkan practice.
Damn, Fred! Where do you get this stuff?

...and more importantly, when is your book coming out? Sign me up.

I'm serious.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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