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Re: Poll: How often does your aikido instructor discuss the philosophy of aikido during class?

Well, our sensei rarely talks really about the philosophy of aikido. Sometimes he does tell a bit, if there is no other group after our class.

Once we had a special training about the 5 elements. Even there we did not have very long explanations.

But each comment like "This is not Judo; do not fight, blend", "Don't forget uke! If you do the movement before uke is ready, you are fighting power against power.", etc. is telling something about the philosophy. It is much less, than you would expect from university classes in philosophy, but it seems to be much more than traditional Japanese MA schools (train hard, some thousand times, and some day you will see, where to the do is leading you").

So many answers could be right, as it#s true for many of these polls.

Regards Dirk
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