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Fred Little
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Mike Sigman wrote:
I meant literally "show", Fred. I can physically lead you through a series of steps and you'll get an "of course" moment out of it. Like most things, the magic vanishes and the peripherals focus into one picture, once you're shown how. Up until someone shows how the magic trick is done, it remains mystifying.... then it becomes obvious upon revelation.
And that would be most interesting, the trick is getting us both in the same room at the same time. But if we get over that hump, by all means, I would love to see what you have to show.

Mike Sigman wrote:
I think you're missing the forest while you focus on the trees, in this instance. Breathe in while pulling your stomach/abdomen area in at the same time. Focus on the fact that you've increased the pressure in the intra-abdominal area (you can also pull up slightly on the perineum area to hold the pressure from "leaking" in that area.... and yes, now you know why there are these strange admonitions to tighten the anus or pull up on the perineum). While you're holding the abdominal pressure, let the sound "Aaaaaaaaaah" slowly come out while you focus on the effect that has and where it has it in the pressurized abdomen. Stop and change the sound to "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and watch where the pressure shift goes. You should be able to extrapolate the general idea to a small extent from that example. Exact sounds be damned. ;^) It's all part of a larger picture and why the dantien/hara is developed as the center of power. And I'm not trying to be cryptic... I just realize that the full effect of what's going on is best demonstrated in person. Still, I gave a concrete example that has substantive results and which can be discussed on a forum without really needing foreign words for anything other than reference.


This is a fine example of an instructive application at the basic physical/biomechanical level.

One way to engage with some of the other levels is to find a qualified instructor in Gachirinkan meditation, which is among the most openly taught practices of Shingon Buddhism and is also found in the Tendai tradition.. This practice was almost certainly part of the Founder's early Shingon education, since there is documentary evidence of his initiation into "higher" teachings for which it is a prerequisite. It was also on the somewhat eclectic menu of practices that were part of Oomoto-kyo. Among the buildings destroyed in the Second Oomoto Incident was the Gekkyu-den, which seems to have been a site of Gachirinkan practice.

While this, and other practices in that tradition, are often advertised as promoting immediate tangible benefits, those immediate benefits are generally regarded as byproducts of the practices, rather than the purpose of the practices, which has a broader scope than the simple (mind you, simple doesn't mean easy) development of physical power..

The tricky bit is that a qualified instructor -- which means "fully ordained priest authorized to teach" -- who feels that the applicant is only seeking the immediate benefits of the practice may decline to teach him or her.

My take is that with this, as with some other practices in his repertoire, the Founder didn't teach any of his students precisely because he honored his vows; anybody who wants the material has to go to the same place he went, in several senses of the word "place."
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