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Re: Two teachers...

Sounds like a great "problem" to have

Usually, an aikido instructor is more than happy to have you attend additional classes at his/her shihan's dojo. Now, regularly attending classes at an unaffiliated dojo, or at another sister-dojo would be a completely different set of circumstances, and something you'd have to work out with your primary instructor.

I guess the kicker would be, where/when you are able to commit to a schedule of classes, and who do you want to be promoted under. The good news is, you get to pick.

Personally I'd find it much easier to drop in to the "mother-ship" for a few classes around my work schedule, and pay the mat fee, and commit to regular training under a primary sensei at the local dojo near home. That way, my focus for special events would be based around HOME instead of WORK... and I'd change my job long before I'd sell my house and relocate.

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