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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Kokyu explanation

I guess this last series of posts falls under the heading of "more prodding from Mike"

Once we get past the prodding part, can we get back to any specifics in the things I did/didn't 'conflate'? Again, I have claimed no expertise in this area; I'm simply referencing the different aspects I have become exposed to, and listing the sources for the information. So for instance, if someone wants to go somewhere for information on the 'eight brocade' exercises, they could write Ellis Amdur, or better yet, attend some of his workshops, and judge for themselves how relevant his take on them might be to this area of kokyu.

I am in no sense trying to mystify anything...and have claimed no if someone with information to add wants to add it, feel free. In my opinion, that would raise the level of this and other conversations quite a bit. We then might not get sidetracked with some of the offense.


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