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Uchi Deshi?

Since starting Aikido a few months ago I have noticed a growing immersion of myself in the art and its attendant thoughts. Along with that has come a pondering of the Uchi-Deshi 'system' that I've seen mentioned around. Can anyone tell me about this? I'm particularly interested in what's involved with being Uchi-Deshi in a modern dojo and what would be expected, both from the student and the teacher.

I've been growing increasingly restless in modern life and really want to just... get away and do something else. A career break I think they call it. Not yet, certainly (I'm far too new to Aikido at the moment), but as something to consider for the future. In the meantime I am very curious. Has anyone here done it? Are there any sites out there with information? What dojos take on Uchi-Deshi?

Thanks for your help!


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