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Devon Natario
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Re: Two teachers...

You train where you want and you don't have to tell anyone anything, unless you feel you should.

I have been kicked out of dojos in the past for mentioning I trained elsewhere.

Their excuse is the following,
1. "You can only serve one master!"
2. "Once you get a base, then that's fine, but not until you have a solid foundation."
3. "You may get confused with learning different things, from different people."
etc etc

Honestly, I've done it all my life and I have never had an issue with learning and I have never had an issue with serveing two masters. To be honest I serve one master, and that's the Lord.

If my students learn from other people that's great. You can never learn too much. As a matter of fact, they better share with me the things they learn too because if it's good, I am so eclectic that I will add it to the syllabus if I like it, and I will credit them from bringing it to us.

So you do what you want. As an instructor, I do not care. I only ask that when someone speaks of the "other instructor" they say, "my other instructor".

Good luck, and learn all you can, there's so much out there.

Devon Natario
Northwest Jujitsu
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