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Re: Poll: How often does your aikido instructor discuss the philosophy of aikido during class?

The philosophy which is always discussed at least in passing in every class is "Harmony". We are always seeking harmony as in Aikido and its tranlation, "the path or way to harmony". Harmony in movement between the uke and nage, harmony at the end of a successful technique and harmony in the learning environment of the dojo.

O Sensei may have killed in his lifetime but he trained himself and founded Aikido with the intent , I believe , to avoid harm if possible. I am keenly aware of the potential destructive power which may be applied where Aikido is concerned but to not do so is also why we train.

The philosophy to me is apparent in the name itself and we are reminded of this often by our sensei for whom I have tremedous respect and can only hope to be able to learn from his 40 plus years of Aikido experience.

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