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Re: Kokyu explanation

To vastly oversimplify this, what I'm working with is quite simple: the support of the body by means of the soft white underbelly.

Just look at any four legged animal and see which muscle groups and vulnerable areas are protected from external threat as an inherent feature of the animal's anatomy.

Map those muscles onto the roughly corresponding areas of your own body.

Use them to support you when you sit, stand, or move.

The other muscle groups, corresponding to those areas of the animal that are exposed, are all about fine motor control. They CAN be (mis)used for support, and often are, which vastly decreases our ability to generate power (because we're not using the belly/inner surface portions of the musculature and fascia for support) as well as our ability to direct it (because we're using some or most of our fine motor control centers for support).

There are many systems of varying degrees of sophistication to reacquire this and other natural abilities which we have had civilized out of us.

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