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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Fred Little wrote:
The above exchange is illustrative of the problems of communication in this medium that reduce me to alternately making what may seem to be purposely cryptic comments or remarks that may seem utterly obtuse and off-point.

I don't disagree with your "should" or "shouldn't." I don't think that Ron is making the conflation that you caution against. I know I didn't conflate the two when Ron and I were working together.

At the time, it was just a specific technical point at a specific place in application of a specific technique, expressed in terms that would be understood by the person I was working with.
Hi Fred:

Well, I've stated it before that using exotic terms in place of functional instructions doesn't appear to be that fruitful. If the shoulder blades in certain position have definitive merits, it should be possible to discuss and analyse those merits, the physics behind, etc., without trying to justify with obscure terms. That was my indirect point. Everything I do I can give a physical explanation for, step by step. I would expect other people, all just as smart as I am, could do the same thing. Saying something "feels better" or "works better" (or similar vagaries) and then dropping in terms like "waki", "eight pieces of brocade", seems sort of pointless to me... albeit very, very "AikiWeb" sounding. If it's a "technical point", why not take a moment and explain the technical aspects of it, BTW?
Similarly, I can tell somebody to "watch out for that falling safe" without being able to claim a detailed understanding of and ability to explain gravity without extensive study of either Newton or Einstein's mathematics.
All I can do is hope that you don't really intend to "conflate" a martial teaching with general warnings.

Just as a suggestion, Fred, and I mean it in a very respectful and well-intentioned way, why don't you discuss some of the more technical how-to's more openly on the forum? I'm quite certain that many people would benefit from your expertise.


Mike Sigman
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