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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I certainly don't mean to confuse it as such. One of the exercises that Ellis showed us was (I don't remember the name) kind of like someone drawing a bow, and one of the effects was that it functioned to close the shoulder blades. That is what I was referring to. As far as anything else, you might want to talk to Ellis, I was only fortunate to do this over the course of a weekend, and I'm sure I missed most of what he was doing. But if you'd like to step through the sequence and discuss the intent, focus, breathing, etc., I'm all ears, as always!
I couldn't begin, Ron. Using "intent" to control the movements, jin in a contradiction, pressure, and condensing the qi would be the topics and you simply have to lead into it physically over a period of time. We're sort of skirting my "Dumb Ole Chinese" or "Dumb Ole Japanese" theory.... people attribute either superficial technique/skill or low-level technique/skill to these exercises, etc., and teach them as ancient Asian lore. In reality, attributing such low level stuff is the equivalent of saying the real precursors were making a big deal out of something that is easily passed on in a weekend, a year or two, or whatever. It's sort of like saying that O-Sensei's Aikido was pretty good and if you apply yourself you can become a teacher of it in 5 years. That would be my "Dumb Ole O-Sensei" theory.... "he knew some pretty kewl stuff and I'll teach it to you because I was able to catch it in just a short while".

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