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Re: Aikido injuries

I'm not an MD but I've been an RN over 25 yrs and have done some research on injuries.
The problem is defining "injury." Some folks do not differentiate among:
We all have minor bruises and muscle aches and pulled toes and minor strains, as you would expect if doing skiing, volleyball, or pretty much any activity. Yep, they heal 100%.
Things like the shoulder separation I described, well it depends on the person and how they treat it. A minor soft tissue injury IF permitted to heal will heal in 6 to 8 weeks. Some gung-ho students refuse to properly treat them though, either not doing RICE enough and/or returning to using it too early, and end up with some degree of a chronic injury as a result.
Finally there are more serious acute injuries--the severely damaged tendons or ligaments caused either by accident or by overzealous cranking. These are pretty uncommon. There is no denying that they may leave residual damage or tendency to reinjury in some folks.

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