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Frankk wrote:
I should have been more clear when I was talking about working with police and their role in our defense..... Who knows, Clark Sensei's 40 years of training passed onto Duncan Sensei's 25 years of training passed onto my 7 years of training may have all been only to save Jeff's life that night?
From that standpoint I am in total agreement. I had a similiar experience in which one of my officers pulled over a drunk driver. The guy had a knife on the console and came straight out at the officer when he opened that door. He told me later that he wasn't even sure what he had done but that he was quite sure that the training we had done was what let him respond so quickly and decisively. Certainly his ability to respond either saved his life or that of the subject as most officers would have had to resort to shooting the guy if they hadn't been disabled by his initial attack.

The training we do with the cops is an Aikido based form of Defensive Tactics. It has a heavy emphasis on impact technique and ground control as well as street adapted takedowns and control techniques. We put a lot of emphasis on light freestyle practice with one partner being a resistant or aggressive subject. Rather than focus on technically perfect execution in a controlled circumstance which is how we train in Aikido they are trained from the start to respond spontaneously and develop a strong winning attitude. If they stick around long enough they eventually start to develop good technique but if they don't they at least leave with something that will benefit them on the street.

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