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Anat Amitay
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Re: What is a benefit specifically of Aikido

Like you said, there are certain things many MA's give on a personal level.
For me Aikido has helped out with dealing with everyday stuff that can happen.
For example- I slipped on a wet floor, and instinctivly went into a roll. It wasn't a perfect roll, but it sure helped me avoid some possibly harmful injury. I also did not crash down and so I didn't even get burished. It came semi- automatic (well, I was about 3 years in Aikido when it happened) and apperntly was useful.
On less dramatic effects I have the example of being able to walk in a crowded place without the need to bump ("collide") into people and see in advance the path people unconciously plan and so avoid getting into thight spots.
There are many more examples like that, but it's the matter- of - fact examples of the general things of "blending", "being more patient and understanding towards others" etc.
my two cents,
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