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Re: The Role of Sempai

Jay Vigilla wrote:
Any suggestions in how we can reach these two? Our sensei is great and understanding, though with our status as a Univertity dojo it is sometimes difficult to enforce (self-)discipline. I hope to hear from you all.
I just reread the thread and I am very curious about what you mean with that last sentecnce.
Aikido attracks people with poor physical constitution an as I understand with those "senior" students the danger of damage increases dramatically. As I understand US law, these damages could be very expensive for the university or the state.

Thus I cannot believe, that there is no way to enforce discipline. If they act in a dangerous way set them off exercises for a few techniques - at least the more dangerous ones. If that does not help, suspend them from training for a longer period.

In any case you can encourage other students to refuse practicing with them if they fear injury or even simple pain.

And it is not a question about wich aikido style is the right one. As an example I am thinking about a semi-contact karate training with some full-contact karatekas who insist in full-contact bein the only real way to train.

I think your sensei has to talk to them. How to start best is always difficult, but there is no use to waiting for the first accident. If they do not agree they can look for another dojo or another instructor at university.

Just another idea. If you offer - let's say once a month - an advanced aikido lesson, where resistent uke are allowed and you try to find ways to overcome them, it might be more fun for those guys. Of course attendance would require sufficient ukemi. And there you can try to show them, that force helps only little, but exact technique and timing - what we call "feeling the power" - enables to do appropriate techniques even to strong resistent uke without waisting power and energy.

Just my humble opinion.

Kind regards Dirk
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