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Paula Lydon
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Re: Poll: How important is actively applying the "principles" of aikido "off the mat" in your everyday life?

~~I, too, came from many years of jujitsu. After a decade+ of jujitsu and a decade of Aikido, there is a great difference since switching to Aikido in my overall perception of myself, others, events and my relationship to these things. I am much more relaxed in life generally because I feel more centered and calm. I used to percieve more attacks on myself--verbal, attitude, emotional--and was usually primed to 'defend' myself. Very tiring after a while.
~~I felt dangerous and superior. I am not...and only dangerous to my peace of mind when I have dark thoughts. I can confidently, efficiently and without getting caught in personal drama(mostly), deal with matters that arise without aformentioned knot of fear in my gut: fear of losing an argument, my stance, my view, my sense of importance. I feel much more able to flow with events now and look for mutually beneficial resolution. Even as I say this that dark spot inside me is screaming that I'm a fluff-bunny weinie I prefer to train with a lot of intent, control and energy. This seems to
~~Is it Aikido or just age and maturity? Probably never know for certain and it doesn't matter to me. Nor does the question of whether or not Aikido works in a fight/violent encounter. If I'm ever attacked I'll just do whatever the moment presents, will hopefully nullify the situation but if not will hopefully make it through and go on with my life. This question I also no longer dwell on nor care about. This, I believe, is the result of keeping the philosophical/spiritual practices and principles of Aikido active throughout my daily life~~

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