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Re: Control and Restraint

Just wanted to insert a point about Tasers... They don't always work. If both electrodes don't get a good hold, there can be trouble. Just last week here in Orlando, a police officer Tased a guy, who promptly got up and shot the officer three times. He may never walk again. There are other mechanical failures which can occur, as well, and targets under the influence of certain drugs are often only momentarily disabled by even a perfect shot.

My point is that a police officer cannot rely on his Taser exclusively. But I do NOT agree with beating an elderly suspect senseless. The cops in that video looked like they were trying to tenderize a steak... The comments made to the TV producer at the scene clearly showed that at least one cop was way out on the ragged edge, and not in the proper mindset for this skirmish. Respects to him for staying on the job in the face of such a human crisis as was occurring in N.O., but if the video is any indication (and they usually are), they went over the line here.
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