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Re: The Role of Sempai

sigh. [rant mode on]
Almost every time I read a thread like this, it involves a concerned student trying to do the work that should be done by his instructor because the latter will NOT take a firmer attitude towards students, either because the instructor doesn't want to deal w/ it or because the instructor hopes that the problem students will, like the rest of us, "learn by doing" and mellow out...and it really ticks me off to either witness or read of yet another dojo where unsafe, crank-their-partner students essentially are told how and why it is wrong, yet keep being permitted to train that way and get promoted to where they are senior students and free to injure themselves and others with impunity.
I've come to believe that it is the role of the instructor, who is ultimately responsible for creating dojo rules and dojo culture, and that I'd not want to train in a dojo where this was allowed to go on for long. YMMV.
[rant mode off]

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