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Re: The Role of Sempai

Perhaps I have not given as much information on the situation as I had originally thought.

Neither of the two in question have safe ukemi (safe being a subjective term of course, but it's not too safe for them to be falling in the ways that they happen to). That, I feel is something they can work on. However, the two feel it entirely necesary to throw each other in high falls and with great distance regardless of the available space they have on the mat. There are many near misses in regards to collisions with other training students.

Sensei has asked me to walk around in begining classes to help make sure the large group has their questions answered. Many times I see that my two junior with whom I have this gripe will show the begining students how to do the techinique while verbally promoting the possibility of injury. At those times I do step in and show the safer, nice, more Aiki version and explain the risks of training the harder way. Though I do not feel that the constant reminders of the nicer way is taking a toll.

Sensei himself has tried to step in and has stepped into their training. When either of the students in question are "non-copoperative ukes" with beginers, I've seen Sensei step in to help the beginer and then to show how the "non cooperative uke" routine is actually leaving more openings than causing problems. I worry, however, that it signals more of a "train harder in your striking arts" message instead of the "work together with your training partner because you're not helping them right now" message that is intended.

But yes. They do need someone to talk to them about the way we all train together on the mat. I will make time today to speak with at least one of them and then stick to the other and train with him as often as I can to help them understand. My next question then is, how to begin the conversation.
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