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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

Jun Akiyama wrote:
I like the concept of using sounds. I've used the sound of a buzzing airplane making a "diving" noise for the hand motion of iriminage, for instance...
The embarrassing bit is when I demo a technique later in front of a class and find myself doing the exact same sound effects as the teacher I learned the technique from.
Of course, it's all experiential (as in, the person doing it has to experience the process for him/herself), but I think there are ways in which to make the process more accessible...
The only way I've found to teach other people to feel is by direct one-on-one feedback. I'll grab someone and keep telling them "that's it" "no, now you started to (whatever undesirable effect were working on) again, did you notice?" "yeah, that's better" and so on... and physically moving for example an arm into position.

About moving people's limbs as a means of correcting them btw - I find that it works better if I warn people, and ask for their cooperation, instead of just grabbing an arm and moving it over. The latter easily creates some resistance. I usually say "may I?" or "I'm going to put a hand on your back here", take hold of the body part in question, and verbally explain where I want to be going during the movement "Let me turn your wrist here a bit...see this position is handier for the turn", then let the person try again on their own to see if they actually got what the difference was. It often takes a few repetitions. As it is, it's difficult to teach this to large groups of people...

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