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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

I like the concept of using sounds. I've used the sound of a buzzing airplane making a "diving" noise for the hand motion of iriminage, for instance...
Janet Rosen wrote:
In terms of Jun's original question...I think that the old "show up, don't die" is the answer; I've learned to be more of a kinesthetic learner by pure repetition day after day running into the years.
Hmmm... Although I do think that "don't quit and don't die" is probably one of the most important points of training, I don't think I can accept that as an "end all" kind of statement. In other words, I truly believe there are ways of helping people learn certain things better than, to be specific, I've been able to do up until this point. It's a cyclical process of learning, experimenting, observing, re-evaluating, and so on.

Of course, it's all experiential (as in, the person doing it has to experience the process for him/herself), but I think there are ways in which to make the process more accessible...

-- Jun

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