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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

Pauliina Lievonen wrote:
The way the audio part works for me isn't really about the lectures, but little audio cues that playback when I start to do the technique just demonstrated, often in a rythm that matches the movement. "CutttandTURN" "Towards, towards" "ssssshh.." Sometimes it's just a wordless sound that plays in my head during a movement. I'm a musician, btw, among other things.

Ezra sensei often gives his demos sound effects, and funny as they are, they also really help me with performing the demoe'd technique afterwards.


Funny you should mention the sound effects.... one of the things that makes it easier to connect for the newer kids has been to make a joke term describing the technique wer're doing, and then as you perform that tech, you name it during the movement.
Kind of like you have described. Come to think of it, the "shwooooshing" sound you described would match what it sounds like to do irimi, Ikyo ura was known as "Mow the Lawn" as we "swooped" around in a big circle.
Funny I know, but it works pretty well towards imbedding a motion.

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