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Fred Little
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hi Fred:

I'm open to suggestions. Why not explain about kokyu when someone asks (as John did) and explain my misconstruction substantively?Actually, if we're going to use quotation marks, what I said was "Abe Sensei refers to "holding" your breath, which is a little inaccurate when you say that in English" ... the operative phrase was "when you say that in English", Fred. However, I'm game to hear your explanation of what he really means and how "holding" your breath is accurate.


Hi Mike:

I think you touched it in passing in one of your posts and beyond saying that "hold your breath" is "really" a close approximation (a skillful means, a finger pointing at the moon) for a specific synchronization of internal muscular tension/relaxation in a specific time interval during technique, but it isn't simply or solely that, any more than "kokyu" is simply and solely breath, I'm afraid that I'm not likely to be much help here.

If you cut off the finger that points to the moon, the moon still remains as it was, people who were gazing at the finger will still gaze at the bloody stump, and nothing is gained, though a finger is lost..... except for the one person who gets it in that moment.

Which is all just fine.

Fred Little
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