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Fred Little
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Re: Kokyu explanation

Mike Sigman wrote:
Personally, I would suggest that anyone advocating held tensions during the practice and application of Aikido, etc., may be going a bit off the mark.



Abe Sensei's suggestion (to which Ron refers), like any verbal pointer extracted from the context of practice, is easy to misconstrue.

Similarly, I think that some of the ways in which you use the word "kokyu," outside the context of practice and feeling, are easy to misconstrue.

But quite aside from Abe Sensei's ranking, having seen and felt what he can still do at the age of 90 after walking up to the fifth floor on the stairs, I'd be hard-pressed to characterize what he was trying to get across as "a bit off the mark," although I would allow that it may be easy to misunderstand.


Fred Little
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