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Originally posted by Dan Kronenberg
Kami, we've been hearing some interesting history and personal opinions as to the reasons for ranks and tests, but I was wondering how your "group" decided not to grade students.Also, is this a lone group or an Organisation?
KAMI : Hello, Dan!
Actually, it's more my son than mine. We have a very small (microscopic...) organization but we are really much more a group (The Shintokai Dojo of Aikido).
Our decision came about when my son left his former organization and went independent. He received many invitations from other organizations and he could've also joined some independent organizations, like the IMAF or the SHUDOKAN but he prefered to stay independent and abandon the ranking system, because he felt it brought more problems than benefits. That, of course, was a personal opinion as you correctly stressed. Everybody is free to disagree and to prefer to have a ranking system. Also, I do believe that if you are a member of an organization, you should follow that organization's rules and if they have a ranking system, so you should.
I hope all is clear
Best regards and a good keiko

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