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Re: help on drawing and sheath the sword

actually your left hand should cover the mouth of the saya (scabbard), so that the outside of the 'hole' is not viewable. However - this is just one small detail out of a vast number - many of which vary a lot regarding to style.

I appreciate your interest in Iaido and your desire to get started, but I wouldn't really recommend solo-practice. I just don't believe in it - and it is by no means as effective as studying under a skilled teacher. If there is absolutely no possibility for you to find a teacher you can see on a regular basis then the second best thing would be to go to a seminar somewhere and pick up as many hints and tricks to bring back and practice by yourself as possible. Explain your situation and they will probably be able to guide you. Then return to the same teacher when ever possible.

Good luck.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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