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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

In my personal experience, learning physically seems a prerequisit to learning Aikido. I'd say I'm usually a visual learner. In the past I've been able to play things out in my head, or do well on history tests because I could picture the page the answer was on...a photographic memory. However, in Aikido, I wasn't able to begin understanding it "truly" until I felt it. I latched on to a certain feeling in one of those "aha!" moments and then I was able to see what was happening in a given technique and feel a level of comprehension. I'd describe this awareness as being based on the specific movements I've had those "aha!" sensations in. Aikido is so subtle sometimes that to see it is like seeing a magician: "the hand moves quicker than the eye," as they say. So what looks like a skinny little guy blasting through a mountain of a man feels like the opposite.
Now I think I use my ears and eyes to refine my approach to training, but have to feel my way through to really understand Aikidowaza and make it work.
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