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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

I think that, in reality, teachings present themselves in different forms and it is up to the student to do the best they can with what is available. Two extreme examples come to mind.

When I trained in Japan, I understood very little of what Sensei was saying. For all intents and purposes my lack of skill in Japanese rendered me deaf. However, Sesnei was unbeleivably generous in giving me as much ukemi as my body could handle (and then a little bit more. If I had been unwilling or unable give my body to him and soak in all that I could, I would not have learned anything at all.

In contrast, attending a seminar with Saotome Sensei is a very different experience. Sensei typically talks a great deal in his classes and will generally use only a couple of ukes for an entire weekend. If I am to gain insight into his Aikido, my best chance is to listen and watch. If I'm lucky enough to get one or two throws from him, then I had better put out all my feelers and not waste the oportunity.

My fear is that by classifying myself as a certain type of learner, I will miss the oportunity to learn lessons that arive in packages that are difficult to open.
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