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Re: Breakfalls can be a problem!

Yes Ron,
I have had the pleasure of having you pinning me. I remember copious amount of sweat(guilty by both parties), as well as getting dripped on from either a standing or kneeling kote kaeshi pin by you. LoL.

I dont disagree with Break/High falls, Infact I like that aspect of training. I love high falls both throwing and taking. All I am saying its until your options are absolutely used up, for the most part rolling ukemi will service most situational needs. It just meaning alot more moving by Uke, but the postion to roll can be reached. Based to date, I havent come across to many situations where rolling wasnt an option, barring the obvious throws like koshi nage, aiki atoshi.

Not sure If I took that quote for him, I ll catch up with on weds and ask him. But even after almost 9 yrs with him, I have seen very few men of his size move with so much grace and with so little effort expended. I think I will be guilty of never learning all the things he brings to the table from open hand to weapons, to iaito, clean and precise technique.

Dont make me, make you, grab my wrist.
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