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Trish Greene
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Re: Women in the dojo...VERY politically incorrect...

Good questions. I would be glad to point out how my views relate to the topic of woman in the dojo. As the old says goes, basically, leave your ego ( both men and woman ) outside the dojo before entering the dojo. We really can't do such a thing. We can't drop who we are and pretend to walk into a utopia where everyone puts away and who and what they are.
Yes you can. The only thing that stops one from doing that is their own ego, which has not been checked. I am only advocating a simple respect between two human beings despite gender and race. If we cannot see our partners on the mat as gender/race despecific, how can we have harmony with them.

Our environment shapes who we are, society shapes who we are. To magically transform into another human being with different values and backgrounds doesn't happen.
Then you have given over who you are to be shaped by people you don't agree with? Society has it's influence over you, but only to the degree that you let it influence you. Western thought is always on being "the winner" and striving towards that goal. When it takes a deeper understanding to realise that maybe the one that isn't the winner has gained much more.

I don't believe it is a silly topic. I believe it is a smaller topic that is part of a larger issue that is neither gender specific but is fully self-specific.
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