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Re: reply to Ledyard Sensei. Sort of OT

Frankk wrote:
Ledyard Sensei wrote "In my opinion making the choice to die rather than inflict injury on an attacker represents an anti-evolutionary step. Look at the Jewish peoples of Europe who were almost exterminated because they were nice, law abiding, and civilized. They had lost the ability and will to defend themselves and they paid the price. the only reason there were any who survived is that there were other people who had not lost that ability."

Sorry Ledyard sensei, I agree with the meat of your post but your example is plain wrong. As in all cultures and societies, only a small fraction within a group of people are willing to die to defend themselves or others.
You are correct when you say that my example was wrong in the sense of any implication that that particular population was unique. I suspect that any population is composed mostly of individuals that are essentially peace loving and are not inclined to fight unless persuaded (forced) by an outside influence like a government. The scale of it is still mind boggling to me. How so many people could simply walk to their doom, especially after they knew what was going on. Why was Sobibor unique? I would have thought that would have happened at all the camps once the prisoners knew they were going to die anyway.

As to your comment about working with the police, I totally agree. I love working with them. But they'd be the first ones to tell you that they are not there to defend the citizens. They arrive after a crime has already been committed and don't normally get to act proactively. It is still up to the individual to take responsibility for his or her own defense rather than mistakenly believe that someone else is going to perform that function.

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