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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

I'm going to start not by dealing with your question directly but by noting that the breakdown of learners into those categories does not address variances in what is being learned.
In my case I've always considered myself a visual learner because I cannot learn by ear at all. If I'm told directions to a location, each successive "turn..." simp[ly replaces the one that preceded it. I have to have either written directions or, better, a simplified map.
HOWEVER, when I came to aikido, I found that I was not at all a visual learner of body movement. I can translate what I see into great gesture drawings! or even, if it is slowed down, parse it into the written word (I learned weapons kata very well from written notes). But I cannot translate what I see into a body movement of my own. I a kinesthetic learner? Well I wasn't to start with...hadn't considered it before, but maybe the reason dance and m.a. come to folks like me with such difficulty is that we are a subset that brings NO natural "wired in" learning style that suits these disciplines.

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